This is an easy to build cabinet that has a lot of possibilities for every magician.

Basically you can make mysterious things happen inside this cabinet.

In old days people who said they had contact with ghosts etc. would be tied up with rope or chains and placed inside the cabinet. The Davenport Brothers became world famous with their Spirit Cabinet. David Copperfield made an act called Barclay House that uses the same old principles. The cabinet has countless possibilities.

More info on the Davenports:

The basic effect:

The cabinet is brought on stage and shown on all sides. Perhaps the sides can be lowered. Nothing inside. A stool and two tables are placed inside the cabinet. Some objects from members of the audience are placed on one table. The magician is tied to the stool and the cabinet is closed. When reopened after a couple of seconds the objects have vanished or are on the other table, while the magician is still tied to the stool.

Other possibilities:

* The magician has disappeared or has changed into a ghost. The platform can be made as a deceptive base.

* The magician tells a story about a crystal that has special powers. Perhaps it is found in the Amazon and belonged to an ancient tribe. When that crystal is placed in the cabinet the energy is distorted and strange things happen inside. A native of the Amazon jumps out of the cabinet, takes the crystal and vanishes again in the cabinet.

* Two members of the audience are placed in the cabinet. They are blindfolded and they can’t move their arms. Pieces of clothing are switched. They switch places themselves. One vanishes or transforms into a ghost.

* You can also make a large object appear in the cabinet, if you use the basic principle of the Shadow Box. Anything of the size of a motorcycle. A lot of furniture. A large statue of a horse.

* Other options for storytelling: the magician found an old manuscript and will call upon a spirit that turns out to be evil and the magician has to fight him. Audience members disappear and seem to have gone to another dimension, and you have no clue as how to bring them back. The cabinet is a time machine and can transport people and objects back and forward in time. It is an old cabinet of Harry Houdini and he used some old principles of ancient Egypt to create a magical energy source inside the cabinet, so that flowers grow fast and animals become larger in size.

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