Victory Cartons

The effect

A cardboard tube/box is opened and placed on the center of  the stage. A slightly larger cardboard tube is opened and placed over the smaller box. After a magical gesture a person jumps out of the boxes.

The secret

The smaller box has an opening on the backside. The assistant crawls into the smallest box through this secret opening.

Making the two boxes

The two boxes can be made from sheets of cardboard, cut in the dimensions below. You can attach  them with tape, so that the tape form tape hinges, or folded pieces of cardboard. You can make the boxes out of thin wood, or fabric on a frame. But essential is that they can be folded flat.

The smaller box:

The larger box:

Performing the illusion

Your assistant is hidden behind the larger box and the box with the hole in the back is in front toward the audience.

The next step is to show the box with the hole in it. This is done by lifting the box and slowly tilting it toward the audience as if to fan them. The box is not opened at this point and the hole is toward the back. The box is put on the stage and opened up to that it’s backside is touching the edge of the larger box. It is at that point that the assistant crawls from behind the big box through the hole and into the smaller box as in our illustration below.

Once the girl is in the box, the larger box is lifted and displayed in a similar manner. It is then opened up and nested over the smaller box.

Once it is down on the ground both boxes are rotated to show all sides, being careful to not raise them and show the hidden assistant. At this point you make a magical gesture, your assistant stands and she is lifted out of the two boxes to take her bows.


Some examples of how you can theme the boxes.